Petition Updates: Progress, Support, and Thanks!

It’s been a week since we launched our petition, Preserve Seattle Parks Natural Areas and Greenspaces, and we continue to gather signatures. We had a little speed bump, with going off line for a couple of days, but all seems … Continue reading Petition Updates: Progress, Support, and Thanks!

Keeping up on reading

Since posting Summer Reading and Reading Challenges here it’s become clear that keeping up regular posts about great readings is unrealistic. There is simply too much fantastic writing about nature and cities out there! So here’s a listing of a few places to check online, where the writing is regular, timely, and always interesting. Keeping up with all of them is a challenge, but thankfully, most have options for staying in touch via email subscription, rss feed, Twitter, and of course, Facebook. The Open Voices Blog on Nature Sacred – regular pieces, and a weekly “Open Voices News Roundup”, with summaries … Continue reading Keeping up on reading

Nature Play Areas

Nature Play Areas are becoming popular in European Countries, and are a great way to give kids nature experiences without sacrificing sensitive natural areas. The key is location— in nature, but not everywhere, and not in key sensitive areas—and giving kids the freedom to have unstructured play time. Going wild, mindfully. Click on the picture below, or read Let Kids Run Wild in the Woods   Continue reading Nature Play Areas

Slow Nature

Kids understand Slow Nature. They’re natural-born scientists, eager to explore and make their own discoveries. Yesterday in Discovery Park forest we came upon a very small boy examining something on the forest floor. “Hurry up!” the mother yelled from farther ahead. “We’ve got things to SEE!” But, the boy stayed right there, lost in his fascination. “Mom!” he yelled back. “I’ve got a BUG!” His voice was jubilant, as if he’d just uncovered something truly marvelous. It’s good to slow down and say hi to the bugs and the slugs every once in a while. Continue reading Slow Nature