Keeping up on reading

Since posting Summer Reading and Reading Challenges here it’s become clear that keeping up regular posts about great readings is unrealistic. There is simply too much fantastic writing about nature and cities out there! So here’s a listing of a few places to check online, where the writing is regular, timely, and always interesting. Keeping up with all of them is a challenge, but thankfully, most have options for staying in touch via email subscription, rss feed, Twitter, and of course, Facebook. The Open Voices Blog on Nature Sacred – regular pieces, and a weekly “Open Voices News Roundup”, with summaries … Continue reading Keeping up on reading

Reading challenges

Since posting Summer Reading a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been drawn into reading on the environment which has become more and more challenging, in the sense that my preconceived ideas and notions have been repeatedly taken to task, and I have been asked to look at things differently, and to even look at issues that I never even thought about. Here are three of the most recent: From National Geographic, a discussion of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act in, 50 Years of Wilderness. The adding of new wilderness areas brings more challenges to the maintenance and regulation issues surrounding … Continue reading Reading challenges