Petition Updates: Progress, Support, and Thanks!

  • Finally – to all who have signed the petition – we really appreciate it! Keep spreading the word, and thanks!

Below: student releasing salmon fry in Fauntleroy Creek (May, 2015). That educational program, and Fauntleroy Park itself, will be at risk, if the Park Board approves the new Supplemental Uses for natural areas and greenspaces.


3 thoughts on “Petition Updates: Progress, Support, and Thanks!

  1. Mark, Just a vital thought.

    Living in a natural area, my house is surrounded by 40 acres of woods adjoining Lincoln Park. Again, as in years past, I have started to worry about fire danger, because my back 40 is ‘bone dry.’

    My thoughts, of mountain bikers in our greenbelts, lead me to fear about the potential for a massive fire.

    With our current societal disrespectful of laws, I can see a smoker, a metal spark, or some other human event, setting off a fire to end all fires.

    In these times, at the height of the outdoor experience, we would have to close down the natural areas and greenbelts due to fire hassard.

    That is enough right there to kill the Parks proposal.

    Sage experience has not gone into this proposal, otherwise it would not be draining city resources.

    Joan Bateman

    1. Joan, thanks for your response. The Parks proposal has many things wrong with it, several that we have not even mentioned. You bring up an interesting point which I frankly had not considered. Let the Parks Board know. Thanks!

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