Keeping up on reading

Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park

Since posting Summer Reading and Reading Challenges here it’s become clear that keeping up regular posts about great readings is unrealistic. There is simply too much fantastic writing about nature and cities out there!

So here’s a listing of a few places to check online, where the writing is regular, timely, and always interesting. Keeping up with all of them is a challenge, but thankfully, most have options for staying in touch via email subscription, rss feed, Twitter, and of course, Facebook.

  • The Open Voices Blog on Nature Sacred – regular pieces, and a weekly “Open Voices News Roundup”, with summaries and links to the latest in environmental writing and research.
  • The Center for Humans and Nature Blog – extremely well written articles, often on a very personal level, from writers reflecting on their experiences with nature, usually in metropolitan areas. New pieces published roughly once a week.
  • The Nature of Cities – the name says it all, but here you will find fascinating perspectives with an international flavor, with authors from all over the world. Well written, new work appears every few days. Also features “Roundtable” discussions, with multiple authors and a high level of reader engagement through comments.
  • The New Nature Movement from the Children and Nature Network – regular columns from Richard Louv, and frequent guest columns, all about children and their connection to our natural world. Fresh perspectives, out of the box thinking…
  • Finally – and this is a bit of a stretch, because it touches on environment, city life, politics, and humor – there is grist.  Check “Voices” or “Sections” to find something that speaks to you. Never a dull moment on this site.

If you follow Seattle Nature Alliance on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see mentions of articles from these sites – but there is so much more. If you have additional suggestions, leave a comment. Enjoy – Mark

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