(Guest post from Marv Breece)

The year is 2025.  You decide early one spring morning to visit a Seattle Park to perhaps see or at least to hear the songs of migrant warblers.  Or perhaps some other recently arrived migrant songbirds.

But when you reach the park, you see no birds.  You hear no birds.  The problem is not your lack of observation skills.  The birds are not there.  And the birds are not there because the habitat they need to survive and to reproduce is not there.  Instead, you find that your favorite patches of forest have disappeared and have become zip lines and rope courses.

The good news is that it is now the year 2015 and fortunately we can still see and hear those migrant warblers and vireos and flycatchers.  But we dare not take them for granted.

If Seattle Parks are developed into amusement parks, the birds will be gone.

Cooper’s Hawk, by Marv Breece


Marv Breece

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