Seattle Nature Alliance advocates for preserving Seattle’s natural areas for passive recreation, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty. We hope to stimulate and facilitate discussions and actions among all stakeholders to that end. We are a voice, as well as a place to come together.

We will take stands, issue positions, initiate actions, organize events, and endorse causes – for the sake of our natural areas. Because we all need nature in our lives.

Legally speaking
Seattle Nature Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and all membership fees and donations are tax deductible. We are registered with the State of Washington as a charitable organization, meaning we work as volunteers.

Our urban spaces are home to a surprising number of wildlife species, and they depend on healthy urban forests, streams, and beaches. But, we need nature, too. Daily contact with nature is proven to help people of all ages live happier and healthier.

As Seattle becomes denser, our need for nature will grow—but our natural areas will not. In fact, 85% of our park land has already been landscaped or developed. Only 15% of our park land remains natural.

We need to protect and preserve our natural areas, for wildlife and for the rest of us. Access should be reserved for the general population, not granted to specialized user-groups. And wildlife must be protected, for our sake as much as theirs. By recognizing our fellow living creatures, we find our own place in nature. It’s key to good living.

Our organization had its genesis in the summer of 2012, when we discovered that Seattle Parks and Recreation had made plans to give over a portion of Lincoln Park’s mature forest in West Seattle to a commercial zipline company. The community was outraged, and people came together. We learned there was a need for communities to stay informed as active participants in maintaining the city’s beautiful natural areas, so that this would never happen again. That’s why we are here.

Who we are

deniseI’m Denise Dahn and I write and illustrate things I find interesting about nature and the world. I’ve made my living interpreting nature for many years.

I am an artist/writer/designer and the owner of  Dahn Design, LLC, a company that specializes in design, illustration, research, text and production of interpretive signs, nature posters and educational materials and exhibits for nature trails, waysides, visitor centers and museums. The purpose of my work is to communicate relevant and meaningful aspects of nature, history or culture in a way that is delightful, informative, and thought provoking. The company has been in business for over 25 years. I’m a one-person outfit. I’m the CEO, CFO, CAO, researcher, writer, designer, illustrator, project manager, and bottle-washer.

I have a Bachelors Degree from the University of Washington, where I majored in Geography/Environmental Studies and studied painting and drawing.

In the summer of 2012, I started Denise Dahn’s Artist/Writer Blog. Through my posts—which are written and illustrated by me—I hope to spark curiosity and wonder in nature and the world. Contact me on my website.

My name is Mark Ahlness, and I maintain a sometimes blog at Acrovision. I was an elementary school teacher for 31 years, until I hung up my erasers six years ago.

I was a pioneer in educational technology in the mid-late nineties, creating one of the first school websites in the world. While there I developed and still run the largest environmental education program on the planet – the Earth Day Groceries Project (in its 25th year!!). You can find my most current bio there.

I am an avid birdwatcher, and my third grade classroom had the honor of naming one of the baby peregrine falcons at the very first online bird cam here.

These days I continue to enjoy working with children, as a volunteer group leader and website developer for the Pike Place Market’s Education Program.

For a look into what interests me in the natural world, follow me on Flickr.

I live in West Seattle, with my wife and two cats. Contact me at mark@seattlenaturealliance.org

rebeccaWMy name is Rebecca Watson. As a Pacific Northwest native, I have seen how the natural world we treasure can quickly disappear due to shortsighted decisions that benefit the few over the well-being of all. I believe human beings have a deep-rooted, connection to nature. Not only do we all have an obligation to preserve and protect nature’s splendor, but we also need to make sure everyone has equal access to the wild.

I studied art at Western Washington University (BA, BFA – Painting / Drawing / Printmaking) and Claremont Graduate University (MFA – Sculpture/Installation). Nature’s intersection with culture has always been important to my artwork.

My partner and I started Sempervivus Art & Design in the early nineties, where our work focused on garden/landscape design with an emphasis on educating the homeowner about environmentally sustainable gardening practices.  Later our business evolved to encompass a wide range of creative endeavors. I have worked as an artist-in-residence and as a project manager and designer on a variety of garden, exhibit, web and graphic design projects. A self-taught geek, I shifted to what I thought was a ‘short sabbatical from self-employment’ and an opportunity to learn more about the digital world. I worked as a Web and Instructional Designer at Seattle University. I currently work for King County as a user experience designer with the Design and Civic Engagement team.

I live in West Seattle, share my life with my best friend Darwin, and various other flora, fauna and friends. Contact me at: rebecca@seattlenaturealliance.org

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