Survival Guide to Seattle Weather


I love Seattle weather. I guess it helps that I’m a native, and I’ve learned how to cope with it. It boils down to two things: appropriate clothing, and a willingness to go outside every day, rain or shine.


Even on days like this…


I’ve found that walking in nature, even in bad weather, is a wonderful way to stay happy and healthy. The Japanese call this Shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” It’s a simple way to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and improve overall health.

Seattle is lucky to have gorgeous urban forests with plenty of trails. Even in the worst winter weather, they are great places to walk. And, they are surprisingly colorful. There is never a “dead of winter” feeling around here.



On gray days, green moss and ferns seem to glow.

IMG_0162 IMG_0171

But, the best thing about Seattle weather: winters don’t last very long. Already, the earliest signs of spring are visible. And there is no place on earth more beautiful than Seattle in spring!


Indian plum is already starting to bud!


Grab your hat and boots and get outside!

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