Letters from Pelly Place

The reaction to Seattle Parks’ proposed Supplemental Use Guidelines for Natural Areas and Greenspaces came swiftly, from all corners of the city. The first indication came during a period of extended and overwhelming testimony against the guidelines at the June 25 meeting of the Park Board. Since then, many organizations have written letters in opposition to the Park Board, and have come out in support of the petition, Preserve Seattle Parks Natural Areas and Greenspaces.

One of those protected areas currently under consideration for “supplemental uses”, including ziplines, mountain biking, and “future activities that may evolve” is Pelly Place Natural Area, a small wooded ravine in an environmentally sensitive area of West Seattle.

Gatewood Elementary students and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai plant a tree in Pelly Place Natural Area. © Art Wolfe, used with permission.

Many individuals have written to Parks, the City Council, the Mayor, and the Parks Board. Below are are two extraordinary letters, from neighbors of Pelly Place. The authors speak with a level of passion and expertise typical of those who want to preserve and protect our natural areas for all of us. Please take a few minutes to read them. Feel free to share.

Peter Lewis has lived in the Pelly Place neighborhood since 1986. The founder of Campagne and Café Campagne in the Pike Place Market, since selling his restaurants in 2005 he’s worked as a restaurant industry consultant in addition to having published Dead in the Dregs, a wine murder mystery.

Peter’s letter

Trileigh Tucker is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Seattle University. In addition to serving from 2012-2015 on the Fauntleroy Community Association board, she is a naturalist and devoted bird photographer who blogs at naturalpresencearts.com, and she is a founding member of the Seattle Nature Alliance.

Trileigh’s letter

Header and photo above from Pelly Place, © Trileigh Tucker, used with permission

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