Who is Everyone?

We’ve been talking a lot about how Seattle’s Natural Areas should be for All People, and how Everyone deserves equitable access to nature.

So, who is Everyone?

The Seattle Nature Alliance maintains that Seattle’s natural area policy must be:

  • Equitable
  • Sustainable
  • Wise

“Everyone” refers directly to the first bullet. Above all, natural area policy must be equitable — natural areas must be for everyone.

By saying Everyone, we mean generic human beings, the basic model. We are talking about the concept of Passive Use, as opposed to Specialized Use.

Passive use is important because it is universally available to virtually everyone. Passive uses are compatible with one another, and with the other living creatures that depend on natural areas for habitat. Passive uses do not require their own specially allotted spaces, or ask people to pay fees for entrance. They do not favor organized groups who have the time and energy to provide ecosystem restoration services in return for usage privileges. Passive use is the best way to ensure that natural areas do not become overused, misused, and degraded.

Passive use is why we have natural areas today.

PLEASE HELP US KEEP ACCESS TO NATURE FREE, FAIR, AND FOR THE FUTURE! Stop the Parks Department from opening our natural areas to specialized uses. Our petition has been endorsed by such respected groups as the Seattle Audubon Society, and many others. As the word spreads, more are signing on every day.

Click here to sign our petition!

Read more about Passive Use

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