Ravens in Lincoln Park

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(Updated 8/18/15 – added juvenile raven talk video. Scroll down…)

There are Ravens in Lincoln Park. Nesting.

raven1My wife and I have noted Ravens in Lincoln Park occasionally over the past five years – but they have been year round residents this past year. Recently, we have seen two, with nesting material. And we hear them nearly every time we go to the park.

raven2Ravens are unusual, but not unheard of, in urban parks. The forest in Lincoln Park is finally reaching a mature enough state to support these amazing birds.

raven3If the Parks Department had its way three years ago, this would not be happening. Parks proposed a commercial zipline installation exactly where these Ravens are. Would they be nesting today in an area with people flying through the trees? Not a chance. Thanks to all those who said Nevermore!

The next time you are in the south end of Lincoln Park, keep your ears open for some Raven Talk:

And you might even see or hear one of their two offspring:


 Pictures added regularly here

3 thoughts on “Ravens in Lincoln Park

  1. I’ll never forget seeing my first ravens in Alaska, like jumbo crows, every time I saw one, it made me laugh. They enunciate the word ‘caw’ perfectly. It’s as if they were British. I complimented the audience on their

    Great Big Black Birds. A guy replied that I should tell that to his dog when they steal his food, tip over his water dish and drop rocks on him. Cass

  2. They must be nesting again — I just heard croaking and saw each of them in the space of a couple minutes, in a tree at the top of the Thistle Steps. One had a mouthful of plant material. Perhaps that tree is one of their lookouts, if they actually have a nest in the Park.

  3. I walked the high bluff above the swimming pool yesterday, beautiful fall day. A raven swooped over my head and landed above me in a maple tree. Great Halloween treat with the black raven in the yellow leaves. It was definitely a raven, much bigger than the crows on the beach below.

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